HOLY FUCK HOLY SHIT MY VISA GOT GRANTED LITERALLY TWO DAYS AGO SO I CAN GO TO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!! this means i am trying to get a second job so i can work my ass off for like six months straight in the hopes i can save up 20K to get there ASAP. i have until february 8th of 2022 to get there but OMG 20K IS SO MUCH MONEY. im dying just thinking about it.. no more fun allowed ): it will be worth it in the end but god its going to suck so bad. having money will be nice though and when i get to australia i have to quarantine for two weeks bc covid, it'll be like a vacation LOL

i want to take my cats with me but they are um, 5K each and i have two of them so... 10K. and that's a decent amount of the 20K total i came up with,, everyone is telling me to just leave them but MY CATS ARE WORTH IT! i love them! i am taking them with me! even if they are a little evil sometimes i love them so much.

i have also been playing kingdom hearts lately and streaming to my discord server by pointing my phone at the tv lol, i am trying to practice talking while gaming. it is REALLY HARD. but i want to start streaming asap when i get to australia! practicing streaming is fun, i love kingdom hearts and i've always wanted to get back to playing it. i got it when i was like, 10 it was given to me as a present with the playstation 2, secondhand from my aunt (-: the intro with the simple and clean remix changed my music taste forever. it was too complicated for me to get it when i was younger, and i'm only just now getting familiar with "video game logic" and strategies and stuff because felicity is watching me play too and giving me pointers. RPGs just have so much going on lmao also the controls for playstation 2 games are bizarre to me now, the right joystick doesnt pan the camera around, it's usually delegated to menus. camera panning is with the L and R triggers??? how does that make any sense!!! i guess for a game as combat heavy as KH it makes sense but JEEZ it's a pain. also felicity is so so mad about the way sora jumps SDLFKSJGDMF i know it's not exactly intuitive but i dont mind!! also cloud from final fantasy showed up and tried to kill me idk whats up with that. such is the kingdom hearts experience

well that's about it. just thought i would drop a little life update before i go silent for.. probably months at a time. UGH. i'm just praying the snow hits my town so hard that i have tomorrow off, i would like a few more days of freedom before i go working two jobs at once... -_- my current job closes at 2 and i applied to a clothing store looking for part time workers so i can work there from like 3-8 and that's decent work, i'm hoping they don't put me on EVERY day that would really kill me. i just need like 15 more hours of work! not that much. im gonna set this picture of my cats and my wife as my phone background to remind myself why i'm doing this, like a modern day locket. she worked THREE jobs so she could come visit me in the united states AND walked to each one of them EVERY DAY! i would gladly do the same for her. we are in love