YOU KNOWWWWWWWWWW I BOUGHT THE JPN EDITION OF BRITNEY SPEARS' 2007 CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED ALBUM BLACKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!! and it came in the mail just the other day!!!!!!!!!!! it has a bunch of "cd time" stickers and matching number stamps on the cd, jacket, and lyrics booklet, so i'm guessing somewhere in japan a cd rental store closed down and ebay sellers went wild buying up cds in bulk to resell them. i wonder who in japan was listening to this very same cd before i was? it plays perfectly, not a single scratch on the disc! there's an external cover over the back & spine (???? not sure what else to call the side part) it has the album name and tracks in japanese! this external cover is a little bit worn but that's fine, i'm gonna keep it on there anyway because it's cool. same with the stickers, usually i peel that stuff off but in this case i like how it's part of the cd's story in its origins and past life, so to speak. its not just a price tag (-: also the booklet doesn't originally come with lyrics in it, that's an addition with the japanese version specifically, it's printed on a completely different sort of paper than the rest of the booklet which is shiny and glossy, the lyrics are just plain paper and they are in english! well half of it is, the other half is in japanese, not sure if theyre translations of lyrics or just song credits in japanese. interestingly, the lyrics are stylized in text lingo, like "muthafuka" and "2" instead of "two/too/to"
i had to get specifically jpn version because it has all the bonus tracks!!!! no way would i get the cd without "get back" and "everybody" wtf... why are those even bonus tracks theyre so good they shouldve been on the album... remove toy soldiers and put get back where it was smfh /:

i have been putting on cds while helping my wife make dinner lately (-: the other night i was grinding bread into breadcrumbs by hand...with a mortar and candlelight... an outlet in our living room blew and took all our lights in the kitchen with it AND every outlet in the living room. there is no light in the living room so we were using a floor lamp, but it was plugged in when the outlet blew and it now does nothing it's totally fucked ): so when the sun sets at like 4pm because it's winter we gotta turn on the range hood light and light a bunch of candles so we can see what we're doing in the kitchen. dude it fucking sucks! this is the second time an outlet in our house has blown because the wiring is complete garbage and the breaker box & every outlet in our house needs to be replaced, but of course the landlord is too cheap to do it, so instead we're living in an electrical fire waiting to happen. last time the electrician came he said he was shocked that we didn't die because our house should have caught fire with the way the wires melted apart and very nearly came back into contact with each other. im so mad about it but ANYWAY! listening to music with other people is the best thing ever

in between my music listening habits i finished the third season of disenchanted and i would like to take this opportunity to either join or establish an elfo hate club because i think it is completely necessary. stupid green fucker is the grossest thing in the world and i hate looking at him and his voice and literally everything he does, he never learns anything at all. its like someone extracted the worst essence out of reddit and put it into a piece of broccoli that became so angry and self loathing it willed itself to walk and speak to express its agony. i need it to be known that if i were to be granted the opportunity to punt him into the sunset, i would gladly do so, with my steel toed boots and nothing less. plus he is perfect punting height. besides his unfortunate existence the show is fantastic and i recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to watch! elfo dies once and i was really hoping he would stay dead but alas.. okay imagine if dean winchester had the vocabulary of a 5yr old and was extremely horny all the time for no reason. that's basically elfo. pfffttfttfptpfptfp sorry if i sound super pissed off im taking a weed tolerance break (its legal here dont call the fbi thanks) so every time i feel even the slightest annoyance im like hmm maybe i will commit a crime ^_^ maybe today i will punch a hole in the wall :P and then im like wait i cant do that, then i have to fix it and my landlord will kill me. if i could even manage to get through the wall, probably the wall would punch me back and i would cry about it. i still hate that little green bitch tho

SOON i will be updating my cds page and hopefully get to work on my library page again AUGH T_T i have been caught up with work and my visa applicaiton is finally moving along! so i had to put that at the top of my priorities list. pro tip, if you are ever trying to fill out government forms, make sure they have the current date on them, it's usually really small and at the bottom where you wouldn't notice it. that way you don't spend hours and hours filling out a form from 2007 when you need the form for this year, you know, 2021. it will save you so much time ha ha ha life is pain

OH ALSO! VERY IMPORTANT! I GOT A CRT TV <3 <3 <3456 I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! i got a HDMI to RCA converter and have been playing ACNH on it and it's so awesome!!!!!!!!!! the aspect ratio is wrong so it's kinda squished but i do not care, and after an hour of playing i stopped noticing it altogether. i love the sound it makes when it turns on and it is so large and the screen is round like a friend (-: my cats love sitting on top of it and staring at us lol they lean over and paw at the screen while we're doing stuff (-: i also got new gamecube and ps2 memory cards so i can start playing LOZ & KH again! now when i say "again" i mean i tried my hand at the beginning of the games as a child and found it more enjoyable to just splash around wherever there's water and play minigames, but i would like to beat a LOZ game all by myself for sure. i know i can do it! i watched my younger brother play through twilight princess and wind waker, i LOVE those games they are just so gorgeous!!!!! i wanna be a gamer.. i would like to play Vibeo Game and maybe now that i have a CRT i will actually do it!!!!!!!! but for now... i sleep o[rz] <-- me sleeping under da covers

before you go i humbly ask that you view this 1min and 14sec video of Chris Fleming playing Sufjan Stevens in "Sufjan Stevens startled by Kate Bush" because i am thinking about it at every hour of the day at all times. lovez ya!