IM GOING CRAZY ABOUT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!! i keep Buying CDS and losing my mind about them. i finished my cds page in its entirety actually.. i might make a little graphic to go at the top but other than that it is done! i literally chugged 3 cans of mountain dew and then proceeded to slap this out in its entirety in a single day. i haven't added Blackout by Britney Spears because i ordered it just a few hours ago . i am obsessed at the moment. specifically i got the japanese version for all the bonus tracks ^^"

also new is a mix currently featured on my living room page! here is a direct link to the mix! the tracklist is:
1. Anything For You / Evanescence
2. Tension / Korn
3. i wud never stop u / 100 Gecs
4. Freakshow / Britney Spears
5. Ponyboy / SOPHIE
6. Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom / Farrah Abraham

i LOVE making playlists connecting songs that don't seem related at all. literally all day at work today i just kept thinking about the strange similarities Freakshow has to so many other songs i listened to before, which is why it's at the heart of this playlist. i thought Surely there is a reason why i suddenly like britney spears so much. and you know what!!! i was right!
my living room page is complete, but i want to have my entire 'house' constructed before i open up the index page to it. my next project is the library, which is currently under construction, i have a shit ton of graphics to draw for it unless i figure out something simpler .-. also i want to make a page for archiving all the playlists i make! BUT before i do all of that, i have a huge laundry list of other shit i have to do Dx like redoing my graphics and live2d model because i want to give my sona a different haircut. it will definitely look beter and i will like it so much more but fuck, i cannot express how much i do not want to do this. the amount of effort this will take me is just ridiculous. i have to sink a bunch of time into giving the Australian Government more information about me because i am in the middle of applying for a visa and didn't see that they emailed me at the beginning of december until literally the fucking day after christmas. you know. at the END of december. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

pausing this blogs post to see if i can quickly color in this sketch i have of the new hairdo

and there it is!!!!