for this new year i had TWO people over, my friend and his new boyfriend! while i was waiting for them to arrive i listened to the two cds i got yesterday at a local record store! i got Superstition by Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Karmacode by Lacuna Coil. the lacuna coil album has a mini poster in it, and i want to put it up SOOO bad, but i know my cats will put their claws in it )-: theyre really good albums!!! i was finishing the lacuna coil album when they came over, so i kept playing cds in the background, starting with the Best of the Commodores (i got it for secret santa the other day lol), then Fearless by Taylor Swift, and Now 29. and you know what. theyre fantastic albums to this day and i enjoy listening to them. it was so awesome to listen to music with other people thats like my favorite part of music actualy

i took felicity to the record store with me and it was really funny to watch her point out bands that she recognized because she doesn't really "get" music, so she ends up pointing and saying "R.E.M. that is a band" yes babe that is a band you're doing a great job
they had a loooot of stuff that i wanted, but i wanted the most cds i could get, and my budget was $18 in cash so i ended up getting two $7.99 albums, and this time i was specifically seeking out music that i knew i enjoyed to add it to my cd collection, not just buying a random one to see what it's like. there were a LOT of 99 cent CDs that i could've picked up if i was doing that xD turns out the entire deftones discography is still $15-20 per cd, which i mean that's fair they're really good albums. i forgot how expensives cds can be when theyre valued properly ^^" i want to get all the early lacuna coil cds, and system of a down, also mcr... i might get siouxsie on tapes if i can find them, i do have a tape player! some day i will own an origin cd and i dont care if it is a bootleg or genuine, i just know im not paying $500 for the original on ebay if the bootleg is literally almost the same in every way. in fact it's so difficult to distinguish them that people have bought "bootleg" copies that turned out to be genuine. its not like buying a coach purse vs a goach purse it's pretty much the same thing. ANYWAY, also i need mammoth weed wizard bastard cd. it's like metal but for relaxation, for when you need to unwind but dont ever want to stop going hard. its literally perfect vibing music for any situation

i tihnk soon i will make a page of my CD collection with pictures and the story behind where i got each CD... it means a lot to me (": HOW you get the cd matters as much as what's on the cd itself!!! " i got this on a school field trip" vs "i bought this off amazon because i had some extra money" is totally different, buying a cd off amazon because i feel like it .. that feels like cheating somehow. like im beating the system, but in a bad way.

i am typing because i have so many thoughts about cds and music and its experience also because it is new year and im trying really hard to stay awake until midnight, we are going to open a bottle of spumante when its midnight! we also made a bunch of mini homemade pizzas and they were delicious (-: i love my wife
happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!