take a motherfucking gander at this 88x31 beauty!!!!!! i made three other buttons before i was finally satisfied with this one and i have done nothing but make buttons for the past two days lmfao

wow!!!!!!!1 sugoi!!!!!! it has been such a LONG time since i made a website button, i had to remember how they work lol even though it's difficult and time consuming it's still a lot of fun! here's a few others i made in the past! im missing two buttons that i made upwards of 3 years ago, i have no idea where they are but i am searching for them. if i find them i will include them here later!!!

i might fuck around and make a tutorial on how to make these. i love any excuse to press record and start talking lmfao but also i've seen a lot of people say they wish they could make one or ask someone to do it for them?? you can just make one!!!!! its not even that hard i promise!!!! the only reason i spent so long on mine was because i couldnt decide on a concept i liked and that is really the only thing you need to make a button! you have an idea? you have a computer with internet connection? go to photopea dot com, get yourself a 88x31 canvas, and go crazy!!! i mean shit you could probably even do one in microsoft paint, but i prefer photopea for the layers, makes it easier to do animation. you know what yeah i will do a tutorial, that is how i will spend my new years eve time off.

also i am very happy to say that my rss feed WORKS PERFECTLY!!!!!!! i thought it would be super complicated but it wasnt at all!!!! i didnt know what rss was until a few days ago and now im wondering why more people dont use it! i followed a bunch of people on neocities but idk if i will ever know when their website updates just because the activity feed isn't exactly the greatest at showing Important updates, you know? like if a website updates it could be someone centering an image or it could be 10 new blog posts that i have missed. i wouldnt know! but when i see in my rss feed that theres a new article i havent read then i know its important and then i read it! woah! it's especially helpful on platforms like neocities where there's not really any interface to give you notifications the way we're used to. no i will not remember to check through my bookmarks to see if someone has updated their blog, i would like to remember but i know that i will not.

well that is all for today. all my blog posts have been kinda short and scatterbrained but i'm hoping they will get longer and more cohesive as i continue to Blog ^_^ goodnight!!!!!!!!!!!!