if i continue to drink mountain dew i will probably just become a can. or a mountain.
wow!!! christmas!!!!! i got uhhh weed (legal), a huge fluffy black robe, candle, and a back stretcher thingy that im supposed to lay on. i spent like four hours watching christmas movies with my parents and then we went home and now i am here on my computer at midnight. i drank more soda to motivate myself to finish the laundry - which I DID, BTW! I DID IT! - but the way caffeine affects me after like 2pm is.. Not Good. i feel like i could fight anybody in the universe but i dont have the brainpower to fix the webpage i have been working on for the past three days ):< why wont my buttons just be buttons... if they are buttons why cant i Click Them... what the HELL!!!!!! rgghhgrg... i guess i might have to find another solution but this was the best one i could find ): idk what else to do! in a previous iteration of my index page i had a hidden button which was clickable and would show/hide a div, but i never could get it to appear in the center of the webpage, it would always be weird and unformatted off to the left. maybe i am just cursed or something idkkk im a little peanut brain ;-; bonk

i had veeeery lofty ambitious goals for my website... i had to accept that it was simply not going to happen unless i learned SO much javascript, there is no other way to format a webpage the way a flash game would work. and that sucks ): but i think i will make something just as good. certainly it wont have the point-and-click feel to it but it will still have an element of exploration, and i think that's what matters. i was going to have my background images be overlaid with invisible buttons that would cover an area of the image so it was like you were clicking on the object in the background. e.g. an invisible box overlaying a door, click on the box and the link will take you to the next room, as if you clicked on the door and walked through it. but let me tell you it is just too much!!!!! idk about any of that lol!

speaking of Things I Dont Know, i created an RSS feed for my blog! and i have no idea how to use it! i will try just pasting my blog post into it and see what happens. i have myself added on a reader so i can see if it actually works xD i wanna start using RSS and follow more blogs it seems cool! plus i literally never check my email and there is really no other way to receive blog updates on websites you havent signed up for. if you are reading this and you have a blog pls comment below how i can follow it!!! i want to make friends with people here if i can :-)

umm i also have a website button in the making! when i finish it i'll put it on the main page of my blog ^_^
i love working on my site, im gonna be really sad when xmas break is over and i have to go back to working all the damn time /: callout for work: sucks, is too long, makes no money. i could be at home doing things i like but No the Capitalism Machine needs to be fed and i am just a tiny grain of seed. in the meantime here is the (scaled down) background image from my page thats in progress !!!

Click for full res!