i take joy in knowing things, but even more joy in not knowing anything. i love not knowing what the hell i am ever talking about. when i don't know something, i have an opportunity to learn about it, and i love that! i like learning things! i also love being blissfully unaware of everything at all times! this is all true but still a bunch of mumbo jumbo to justify me talking about Food House lyrics so here we go

i have a bad ear for lyrics. i am always looking up the lyrics to songs so i know wtf theyre saying, especially with food house because the words can be super hard to hear underneath all that bass boost. one of my favorite songs by them right now is "pharmacy," it's really fucking funny and also goes the hell off. i open up the Genius page and view the annotations for the song, just for fun. "gupi wide19 the beat, compare this year to last year, i just wide19 my treats" i dont know what wide19 is. i thought he was saying wine19, which i assumed is a subscription service for wine, and that doesn't make any sense at all, but whatever, vibes. i click on the annotation. someone explains wide19 is an app that stretches out images. fraxiom is saying gupi laid down a fat beat/has galaxy brain and also they're getting crazy successful. you know what my first fucking thought was?????? "why is there an app for that? can't any other photo editor do the same thing?" how old am i. huh. these damn kids and their apps for every single thing, that was my first thought??!!!!! next year im gonna have to start digging my own grave. i cant imagine what senile things i will think at age 23 what the hell is going ON

"sorry got excited from where i'm they got no buildings" not a typo, that's the song. this is a genius use of the english language but like,..... why....???? technically it makes sense and i understood it perfectly. "where i'm from" is what literally anyone else on the planet would have said. except fraxiom of thos moser and food house, known gay bitch. the concept of getting excited to be driven to a building by an uber because there's no buildings where youre from is fucking hysterical and i feel like that every time i get on an escalator or in an elevator

not much else going on in my life besides listening to food house over and over again tbh... i did some christmas shopping and i cant wait for christmas to be over. i am a very lazy person and i need lots of rest and recovery time from every social interaction i have, including work. i cant deal with constantly running around and doing stuff!!! always having family gatherings!!! aaaaaah!!!! it will be over SOON and i will have lots of time off to recover, but, you know, H. i wanna get back to work on my live2d model but i just do not have the time or energy!!! also my house is a complete mess >_< it's a bad cycle to get into but when i come home and i see everything is dirty i get really overwhelmed and i just go hide on my computer. but i just do not have the energy to deal with it.. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck life is paaaaiiiiinnnn every day i can feel my lower back.

well i think that's enough misery for the day. i drew funny link of zelda weed comic and that is all that matters