streaming services SUCK! it's like reading a book on your phone. yeah it technically works but how do you form a relationship with it if you're not holding it in your hands.... putting a cd in and listening to an album is a completely different experience. i don't even like to buy cds online just because it doesn't feel right. if i buy three cheers for sweet revenge off of or whatever then yeah, i will own it, but it's Not the Same as going to Get it. i like to go into record stores and buy random cds that just look really cool without having ever heard of the band before. no i will not preview it! i will just purchase it! that's part of the fun (-:

i would really like to work at a music store one day. i think that would be a great fit for me, i am obsessed with Acquiring Music, but i don't often do it since i just don't have the time to go shopping around at stores. plus the only music store around was in a mall that has looong since closed down )-: i really should've bought those lacuna coil cds when i had the chance huh. I LOVE CDS!!! i don't care that they expire!!! they will live forever in my heart. although i do want to collect other forms of music too, i just enjoy cds the most out of all of them. i think it's really nice to sit next to a boombox and listen to a cd for a while and like, type or something idk. that's what im doing now actually (-: i'm listening to evanescence! amy lee's music will always have a very special place in my heart. i think the way i feel about physical music is largely due to how crazy it was to me that i could listen to something i loved over and over again. Fallen was one of the first albums i ever bought with my own money, it was on sale at target for $5 and i literally begged my mom to let me buy it. my other pick was diamond eyes by deftones because i thought the bird on the cover was cool and she said ABSOLUTELY NOT so i got evanescence xD i never had the chance to discover music through the tv or internet either, just by borrowing cds from friends and relatives. i still feel the urge to ask people if i can borrow their cds whenever i see a stack of them somewhere. i've found some great music through the internet, like on youtube and stuff, but it is still not the same as finding gems in someone else's music collection! it's called BONDING!

and even the experience of listening to an album is like visiting someone else's home. there is an entrance, a secret room, an attic, living room, basement...sometimes kitchen, but songs don't usually make me think of kitchens unless they mention lots of food? chic n stu by system of a down is a kitchen i think. let me give a more concrete example and maybe this will make more sense lol
listening to Fallen, going under is the entrance (first track), bring me to life is the living room (everyone knows it and it's classic), taking over me is like a secret room (hidden gem), my immortal is like a...bath. just the bath, not the room. essential and cleansing. tourniquet is the basement just because it is so sad and spooky. very big "concrete walls Basement Room covered in posters that i wanted as a teenager" vibes.. omg... my mind... excuse me, autism rambles... it makes perfect sense i will not be taking any questions at this time.

i wish more people felt this way about music tbh... i don't like the push towards streaming and how cd releases can be rare these days )-: if you buy music, you have it forever! no one can ever take it away from you! same thing with pirating i guess but especially with Purchasing cds! i like it when there's lyrics in the little booklet... i can't understand words in songs for whatever reason so i have to read them to understand anything ^_^" and sometimes they come with mini posters! and THAT is the coolest thing!!!!
just know...nothing can top the feeling of taking your garbage windows xp laptop to your uncle's house and flipping through one of THREE of those cd binders and he has every korn and slipknot album. you desperately try to rip them all onto your battery-operated 8gb mp3 player before you leave so you can listen to at least one of them on the way home. while you are waiting for your overheated and overworked disc drive to rip them to .wma, you open mspaint and draw random warrior cats pictures with the shape tools and paint fill bucket. SDLFKJRTLKFYGFDGH i feel like my experiences are not universal but i'm sure everyone can relate somehow... i know everyone, as a child, had somthing they loved more than literally anything else in the whole world, and would do anything for it.

i still have that awful laptop. it has been through so, so much. the other day i tried to back up my music library on it, but it stopped like a fourth of the way through because the laptop was out of memory, even after a system reset o.o i guess i've come a long way!

forbidden footage of me listening to music

P.S. MY EVANESCENCE PATCHES CAME IN TODAY!!!! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED AN EVANESCENCE PATCH AND NOW I HAVE FOUR OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm putting the logo one on the little zip pouch of my kanken bag (":